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L4d witch porn

highly sensitive to light and the close presence of uninfected humans. Appearance, a Witch 's physique is that of an extremely lanky young woman with pale skin, shoulder-length platinum-blonde hair, sunken red eyes and a bloody mouth full of sharp teeth. In the former, this is presumably because Witches aren't naturally coded to spawn in these levels and so the Witch Encroacher may be the default variant rather than the Wandering Witch. This allows the team to "move" her if she was previously blocking the path. It is also unknown whether or not the Witch is extremely thin because of the Infection (weight loss due to starvation) or if this was her body shape before the Infection took place. When using it on a Witch it only deals half the damage it should have done on her, but this is more likely for balancing reasons, as a player could easily kill a Wandering Witch without the fear of taking damage.

L4d witch porn

If the Director notices that the players are having an easier time killing the Witch, it may spawn more Witches than usual. Instead, try using a Charger to narcissus protect the Witch from Survivors (auto shotgun or chainsaw-wielding Survivors.) When the Charger grabs one, the other Survivors will run to their rescue, which is prime time for a Jockey or Smoker to pull a Survivor right to her. If a Witch is retreating, but has not disappeared from the area or is killed yet, be extremely cautious of any Special Infected in the area, since the bots will not attempt to rescue you until she has fled the area or is killed. This may be for gameplay purposes since if the Witch thought a group of Survivors startled them she would easily defeat the team with little difficulty. You can leave the area to avoid startle the Witch accidentally. As a Smoker, you can strangle the player who was tasked with Witch -killing just as they are about to cr0wn her. Opening a door on a Witch will cause her to run away instead of becoming startled. The Chainsaw's 1000 DPS means that it takes only a second to kill the Witch, and.3 on harder difficuilties. The other must have the Sub Machine Gun and approach her from the ground floor. Blocking her path in a narrow space (such as a doorway) when another Survivor has startled her.

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In a similar fashion, stumbling a Witch with an explosion from a propane tank / oxygen tank and setting her on fire from a gas can at the same time will render her stuck in an infinite loop of stumbling while burning to death.

Typically the game allows for two Witch corpses before despawning any older ones. They are also able to determine who startled them through explosives or fire even if a wall is between them and the startler. Another quite useful and easy tactic is to crouch by her and repeatedly melee shove her. The Wandering Witch has a much higher tolerance for this. A Witch just before attacking In extremely rare situations, other Special Infected will attack the Witch, causing her to be partially startled. Also, in Left 4 Dead 2, she may change targets to a closer aggressor if the initial target doesn't attack her/does not do enough damage to her.

L4d witch porn


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